September 15, 2017

St Andrews “thank yous” and notes on cards that will warm your heart

Over the past few weeks, Bryce, his mom and Super Max the Turtle said a number of public “thank yous” to the St Andrews Junior School community. The students and staff at St Andrews have supported this project in countless ways including purchasing items at our bake sales, donating to a milk jug fundraiser and signing cards for the Turtle night light presents. In the picture with all of the students’ hands in the air above, that was in response to the question of how many students had contributed to the project in these different ways. How wonderful!!!

It was the thoughtful and caring hand written notes on the cards by the St Andrews students that melted Bryce's mom's heart with happiness.

One of the ways the St Andrews students supported the project was through hand written notes on some of the cards that will sit on top of the Super Max the Turtle presents to children with cancer. Here you’ll see just a few of the examples. The messages of support, love and kindness are so genuine and beautiful we can’t wait to share them with the children and their families next week. We love you St Andrews and we are so grateful to be a part of this beautiful community. …