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It takes a community to build a successful initiative. Our contributors include thousands of students, staff and community members at Bryce's school, St Andrews, and numerous local community groups and businesses on the Gold Coast. We also receive tremendous support from the friends, family and program partners we have all over the world. We would like to give an extra special "thank you" to the truly generous people from our partner organisations below. Please take a moment to read about their organisations and what they are doing to support us. It definitely takes a community to do something like this and we are overwhelmed with gratitude for ours!

Cloud b

The Cloud b team has created a truly amazing range of innovative and distinctive products that help children sleep safely and soundly through all stages of their development. Working with the Max Love Project team, they designed the Super Max the Turtle night light to help soothe children and promote the healing process. Inspired by a courageous young boy named Max Wilford, who is battling brain cancer, Super Max the Turtle features the same glowing starlight projections of the original Cloud b Twilight Turtle.™ Made entirely of plastic that's easy to sanitize, Super Max the Turtle night lights can travel with children everywhere from their homes through even the most stringent of hospital settings like isolation wards and intensive care units, helping to comfort children wherever they are.

Without the support of the Cloud b team through their cost price sales, creative design help and project-specific manufacturing and delivery, we would not be able to afford to give a night light to every child in treatment for cancer in Australia and New Zealand. We are grateful beyond words to them for making all of the beautiful connections through the night lights' stars possible.

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Annabel Trends

Annabel Trends is a Burleigh Heads-based family company dedicated to supplying giftware that sets trends, with strengths in design, colour, practicality and presentation. The team at Annabel Trends makes a large proportion of their giftware locally at their Burleigh Heads factory from beautiful fabrics, ribbons, packaging and products sourced all over the world. Although Annabel Trends' began with kitchen napery, which is still a strong line for the company today, other product categories emerged: garden gifts, scented therapeutic and soothing products, travel accessories, spa and pamper products, bath and body products, baby gifts, and decorative home wares.

The Annabel Trends team helps us in more ways than we could have ever imagined. They work with Bryce to design our unique star-covered scarves and socks with beautiful messages of love, hope, happiness and comfort, sourcing the softest possible materials for these special gifts and producing them for us at well below cost. They ensure safe delivery for all of our special gifts (turtles, scarves and socks) not only to us from where they are produced but also to the ten hospitals we work with across Australia and New Zealand. They generously absorb a significant portion of our shipping costs and continue to donate all of their time to this project for free. They also generously help us through donations of their beautiful products for raffles and fundraisers. Last but certainly not least, they have added a page to their new website, making it possible for anyone to purchase our special turtles, scarves and socks with the "when you purchase one, you're also giving one" framework, so everyone who wants to can easily access and support the project through these gorgeous gifts.

The amazing team at Annabel Trends is quite literally making it possible for us to get the turtles, scarves and socks into the hands of superhero children and their families every year. We are deeply humbled by these incredibly generous people and are beyond grateful for all that they do to support Super Max & Bryce.

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Australian Childcare Alliance Queensland

Australian Childcare Alliance Queensland (ACA Qld) is a not for profit, member-funded organisation representing over 850 early childhood education and care services, employing approximately 13,500 educators, who educate and care for around 180,000 children of over 245,000 parents in Queensland. The team at ACA Qld advocates for the interests of children and families. They work to ensure that families across Queensland have access to quality, affordable and accessible long day care.

The incredibly caring and committed ACA Qld team has committed to a long-term partnership with our project. There aren't words for the overwhelming amount of love and support we receive every year when we are invited to share about our project at their national conference. Every single member of their executive team has given us more support than we could ever put into words, inspiring countless members' and member organisations to run love-, light- and star-filled Super Max & Bryce project fundraisers at their early learning centres. The amount of love, hope, happiness and support that is continuously streaming through scarves and socks purchased and worn by ACA Qld members into the hearts of superheroes in treatment and their families is immeasurable. We are beyond grateful to be a part of their village and to have them as part of our Super Max & Bryce family.

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The Australian and New Zealand Children's Haematology and Oncology Group (ANZCHOG) is the leading body in Australia and New Zealand representing the interests of children and adolescents with blood diseases and cancer and their families. ANZCHOG's mission is to improve outcomes for these children through advocacy, education and clinical and supportive care research.

The connections we have made through our partners at ANZCHOG are the reason we are able to visit all eight of the children's oncology centres in Australia and the two in New Zealand. We are also grateful for their support as our registered charity partner. Their partnership means that any donations made to the Super Max & Bryce project through ANZCHOG are fully tax deductible. The team at ANZCHOG is doing this because they believe in the health benefits of our project for children in treatment, and they believe in us.

Recognising the critical life-saving importance of their research agenda, we are thrilled not only to be their partners but also to commit $1 from every turtle we purchase and $1 from every scarf/sock pairing we sell to support their research. Our collective goal is to someday end up in a place where we don't need to purchase any Super Max the Turtles because there will either be a cure for every type of cancer or there will be no cancer at all.

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St Andrews College

Located on the southern end of the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, St Andrews Lutheran College is a prep-year 12 school where staff value a holistic approach to learning and encourage students to develop values that enrich the intellect, nurture the spirit, develop social responsibility and create healthy lifestyles. At St Andrews, every student is challenged to discover, develop and use their gifts and abilities for personal growth and service to others just as Bryce has done with this initiative. Their goal is to provide a learning environment where the enriching and fulfilling opportunities experienced by students stay with them for life.

The St Andrews community has come together to support and nurture the Super Max & Bryce initiative in countless ways including the design and printing of all of our turtle cards, overwhelming support and engagement with campus-wide fundraising, creative awareness-raising and shared learning-oriented opportunities for student engagement. Additionally, the incredible St Andrews Leos group has adopted the Super Max & Bryce project as one of the projects they work to support every year. How lucky are we?

We are forever grateful that our family is a part of this community and are confident that the Super Max & Bryce initiative will remain a core element of the fabric of the St Andrews community for years to come.

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The Lions Club of Gold Coast Tallebudgera Inc.

The Lions Club of Gold Coast Tallebudgera Inc. is an incorporated association of members who volunteer their time to serve others through leading, planning and supporting community programs throughout the Gold Coast. Because they are a team of local community members, they serve the unique community in which they live. Through their global network of Lions clubs in over 200 countries around the world, they work together to address challenges beyond borders at the national and international levels. We are so proud to be partnered with this organisation and incredible group of people.

In 2018, The Lions Club of Gold Coast Tallebudgera Inc. members unanimously voted to become an official partner to the Super Max & Bryce project. Through their leadership of the St Andrews Leos Club and their club members' personal commitment to what we are doing, the lions of Gold Coast Tallebudgera Inc. provide support, legitimacy and a Queensland based "home" for our project, allowing us to fundraise and engage in community events that we would otherwise be unable to do. We are incredibly proud to be partnered with the St Andrews Leos and their parent organisation The Lions Club of Gold Coast Tallebudgera. Who knew that it would take a lion to help get turtles into the hands of children who so desperately need and deserve them? It certainly does take a community to run a project like this one and we are overwhelmed with gratitude for ours.

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MaxLove Project

MaxLove Project is an innovative nonprofit organization that advocates for the integration of evidence-based quality of life care and integrative medicine into standard pediatric cancer care. They do this through the support of pioneering cancer research, family-centered programs, easy-to-understand health education, and support for complementary and preventive therapies in healthcare settings. Each of these initiatives aims to improve quality of life and lower health risks for childhood cancer patients, survivors, and their families.

Without the fantastic team at MaxLove Project, there would be no Super Max the Turtle night light to give to children with cancer. They inspire us more than words can ever express. We are grateful to know that $1 from every Super Max the Turtle we purchase goes to the MaxLove Project team to support their work. We are also grateful that their partnership means that every dollar donated to our project through them in the USA is fully tax deductible. Wow!

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Thrive Digital

At Thrive Digital, they put "the funky in functional" by creating fresh, striking, custom-designed websites that are easy to use. They also provide complete branding solutions, print design packages and digital strategies for businesses. The Thrive Digital team donated their time creating this website for us to help us share the inspirational journey of Super Max & Bryce with the world. We can't thank them enough for all of their hard work and support for our initiative and for creating a user-friendly platform for everyone to learn about and become a part of Super Max & Bryce. On a side note, for anyone who visits their offices, the owner/director Dean absolutely loves hugs!

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