star-covered scarves & socks

Super Max & Bryce scarves and socks are covered in stars that are filled with love, hope, happiness and comfort - the same as their Super Max the Turtle counterparts. Every time a parent or carer of a little superhero in treatment wears these scarves or socks, we are wrapping them up in warmth, love and support from everyone who is a part of this project. We are all connected together, supporting one another, through the stars. For supporters of our project, please note that you can purchase these on our shop page and give the gift of one at the same time.

'Love through the stars' scarves & socks

If there is one thing the Super Max & Bryce team know well, it is how difficult cancer journeys can be for the carers of those in treatment. The isolation, helplessness, fear and fatigue can be overwhelming. Following our first trip around Australia handing out Super Max the Turtles, the one thing that struck us was that sitting with every brave superhero was at least one equally brave parent or carer. Superheroes are never alone on their journeys. They are surrounded by the love and support of their families and friends. Working with the amazing team at Annabel Trends, we designed Super Max & Bryce scarves and socks as tangible ways to share our love and support with these incredible parents and carers who deserve more of that than words could ever express. We want them to know that we are always thinking about them, sending them love and are connected together with them through the stars.

If you would like to support this part of the project, we would love for you to have your own star-covered Super Max & Bryce super soft scarves and socks to send love and support to these beautiful parents and carers who are in the unimaginably difficult situation of having a child in treatment for a life-threatening illness. Our Annabel Trends friends have generously absorbed most of the costs associated with these scarves and socks so we are able to sell them in a "when you buy one, you are giving one" framework. If you are interested in supporting us this way and sending your love through the stars, please see our "shop" page above.

Thank you for creating more love and support for these incredible parents and for being a member of our beautiful Super Max & Bryce family.

2019 'Happiness' scarf and socks

For children in treatment and their families, happiness is often very hard to find; that’s why Bryce has always had happiness as one of the four core things he hopes we give to superhero children and their superfamilies through this project.

We’re thrilled to announce that “Happiness” is the 2019 Super Max & Bryce theme. Helping us share happiness with others this year is a family we have loved dearly since the day we met them at Monash Children’s Hospital in 2017. Their daughter Brooke lost her battle against cancer six months after we met them, just after her 2nd birthday in 2018. Their eldest son, William, age 11, now sleeps under the stars of his sister’s Super Max the Turtle every night as a way to stay close to her. We asked William if he would create a picture for us to use on this year’s scarves representing what he believes the project gives to children and their families and what he feels as he sleeps under the stars. He painted us happiness.

William said he wanted to capture the happiness mothers share with their children, especially mothers who are in the unimaginable position of having a child in treatment. His drawing overwhelmed us with its beauty and emotion. It brought tears to our eyes and melted our hearts. It is a tribute from William to Brooke, emanating from his never ending love for her and his family, as it is a tribute to all of the superheroes and superfamilies everywhere from all of us at Super Max & Bryce.

Thanks to the hard work of our friends at Annabel Trends, William’s breathtaking watercolour has now become this year’s Super Max & Bryce scarves. Bryce designed this year’s socks to match William’s painting. Here’s hoping this year's scarves and socks will warm your heart and bring you happiness, just as William’s painting has done for us.

2020 'Love' socks

Love is a huge part of every cancer journey. It is the glue that holds us all together during the best and worst of times. Bryce chose it as the first thing he hopes we give to superheroes in treatment and their families, as you can see in the Super Max & Bryce "love, hope, happiness and comfort" logo he designed. Although we were hoping to celebrate William's "love" painting in 2020, with the pandemic we decided to produce socks only. Bryce designed the 2020 LOVE socks to match the colours of every Super Max the Turtle to create a further connection between every superparent and carer, the little superheroes in treatment and the rest of us who are sending them love every single day. We hope you love our LOVE socks. With love through the stars from all of us to all of you.

2021 'Love' scarf and socks

In 2021, there can be no doubt that we all need another year focused on the beauty, magic and power of love. After the challenges of last year with the start of the global pandemic, we are so grateful that we were able to produce scarves and socks again this year. What better way is there to do this than with a celebration of William's "Love" painting? We hope you love the gorgeous colours in his painting which we have transformed into our beautiful scarf - it's full of pinks, purples and blues just for you. Bryce designed this year's socks to match the scarf, with a pink and purple theme and a giant LOVE on the sole. We hope whenever you wear your 2021 LOVE scarf or socks you feel the love that is emanating through them to you. As we say every year (but especially in 2020 and 2021), there can never be too much love.

2022 'Comfort' snood scarf and socks

The past two years have been challenging for everyone in the world, especially those families with children in treatment. The isolation and different types of fears associated with having a child in treatment are intensified with the realities of living in a pandemic. As a result, we decided it was time to share some comfort - the fourth word in Bryce's list of those things he hopes we share with superheroes and their superfamilies.

This year's comfort scarves are actually snoods; they are the softest and most comfortable scarves we have ever touched. Their beautiful sage colour was selected to highlight the colours in the "Comfort" watercolor made for us by William. The socks, with a giant "comfort" on the sole, are lightweight and in the same gorgeous sage colouring - perfect for anyone to wear anytime of the year. They are covered in stars and are super stretchy so they can fit most adults.

It is with enormous amounts of love that we share this year's range with superheroes and their families... may the comfort of these special scarves and socks warm your hearts and make you feel connected to each other, for we are all sending and receiving love through the stars as part of this Super Max & Bryce family.

2023 "Hope" scarf and socks

The past two years have been challenging for everyone in the world, especially those families with children in treatment. The isolation and different types of fears associated with having a child in treatment are intensified with the realities of living in a pandemic. As a result, we decided it was time to share some comfort - the fourth word in Bryce's list of those things he hopes we share with superheroes and their superfamilies.

This year is our final year of scarves and socks based on William's series of four paintings representing the love, hope, happiness and comfort we share with superheroes in treatment and their families. We could think of no better message to end on than "hope." The beautiful soft scarves are covered in gorgeous blues and greens matching almost every outfit. They are also lightweight and can be worn anytime of the year.

Bryce designed this year's socks to match the scarf, with a happy set of blues, white stars and a giant HOPE on the sole. We hope that whenever you wear your 2023 HOPE scarf or socks you will feel the love that is emanating through them to you and the hope that we are also sending through every star. In every cancer journey, hope is the thing that brings light into the darkness (besides our Super Max the Turtles). As Napoleon Bonaparte famously said, "courage is like love; it must have hope for nourishment."

what people say

Thank you. Thank You. Thank you... What a beautiful thing to arrive at our front door this week, a package full of stars, you all certainly brighten up the world. We absolutely love the scarves and the socks, they are soooo soft and with such gorgeous designs. I love what you guys are doing, I’m so inspired by you. Thank you so much, you are so very thoughtful. Dylan hasn’t been well this week and we've had his room alight with the magical stars each night. Sending so much love and gratitude to you and your team. xoxo

Michelle, supermum to superhero Dylan

We wanted to say a huge "thank you" to the beautiful team at Super Max & Bryce (and Amy) for your hard work and continued love and support. You are truly inspirational. With so much love and hope we wanted to say thank you again for my lovely scarf and awesome socks. Aysha and her little brother absolutely love Super Max the Turtle, he is alight every evening and even for afternoon naps. xoxo

Jess, supermum to superhero Aysha

Having met so many incredible superheroes and their superfamilies through Bryce's project, it feels so special to be a part of the beautiful, loving family that is the Super Max & Bryce community. It really does feel like we're all connected through the stars. The scarves are so soft and warm, it warms my heart to know that they are making all of the beautiful supermums out there warm as well. And the same is true for my Super Max & Bryce socks (they are awesome!); I love that they are warming the feet of all of the superdads around Australia and New Zealand. With love through the stars to everyone.

Sophie, a very special part of our Melbourne Super Max & Bryce team

Together is better! We love our Super Max & Bryce socks. Our superpower is our support for each other. We are thinking of all of the brave superhero children who can’t be with a parent or siblings because they are in the hospital or in isolation… and to all those Dads and Mums who work so hard each and every day to support their superhero children. Sending you hope, courage and super love through the stars. xo

Matt (with his daughters Ally & Ash), proud sock-wearing and love-sending members of the Super Max & Bryce family

It was such a pleasure meeting you and your special little man today. Sorry I didn't say more, I was so touched I felt emotional and didn't want to cry. Thank you so much for your generosity and spirit. We've just been through another pretty rough patch with side effects and you've really given us both a big lift. Ryan was very humbled and impressed that Bryce has organised the Super Max nightlights for children like himself. I felt pretty special getting a gift myself also. Thank you for the truly beautiful scarf. I love it. It's not just the gifts, but for you all to show such kindness to strangers, I can't even express in words how you've made us feel. My heart is full. You've lifted our spirits and given us a beacon of solidarity and strength, but you have also filled my heart with light and hope. So much love to you all xxxxxx

Tina, supermum to superhero Ryan (aka, the "pizza assassin")

First of all we just wanted to thank Super Max and Bryce for your amazing contribution to oncology and haematology kids in need. As a father travelling this road I think your work is unique and has connected all oncology families and ours and your family in particular. We are all connected by the same stars regardless of where we are and what we are enduring... they are on my socks, my wife's scarf and our son, Tyson's, special turtle night light that he loves so much. These kids are amazing and the love and generosity of Super Max and Bryce helps them through the struggles they endure. We love what Bryce and yourself are doing and so do all these kids. xoxo

Michael, superdad to superhero Tyson

I can't begin to imagine what it would be like to be a mum, dad, daughter, son, brother, sister or partner of someone with cancer. I have always said I am incredibly lucky. I got diagnosed when I had finished uni, had a full time job with an employer that supported me, there were really good treatment options and it wasn't one of my family. A lot of people aren't as lucky as me. I can guarantee you there will be tears of happiness from my mum when we wear our very special scarves together. You all inspire me. You are doing an incredible job supporting little superheroes and their supermums and dads. xoxo

Superhero Pip, pictured here with her supermum Martha

We absolutely love wearing our Super Max & Bryce scarves in support of all those beautiful and brave mums (and dads) who are supporting their gorgeous children who are in treatment for cancer. Please know that you are not alone. We are thinking of you and sending you love and support every single day.

Yvonne & Catherine, proud scarf-wearing and love-sending members of the Super Max & Bryce family