Super Max the Turtle is a very special turtle night light made by the team at Cloud b specifically for children in treatment for cancer or any other life-threatening illnesses. Although small in size, these magical turtles provide truly enormous amounts of love, hope, happiness and comfort for their superhero friends.

super max the turtle

These beautiful night lights are small enough to travel anywhere with their new best friends projecting comforting rainbow-coloured stars on the ceiling and walls to make any sleeping environment, especially unfamiliar ones, more comfortable. These magical little turtles are designed so they can be completely sanitised, making them ideal for children in treatment because they can be taken into even the most stringent of hospital areas including isolation wards and ICU. As the teams at Cloud b and the MaxLove Project, the co-creators of this amazing little night light, remind us - sleep is the foundation of healing and optimal health. Super Max the Turtle is designed to help brave little superheroes get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer by creating a calming environment that they can control. Having this comfort and control is particularly important given how many unknowns these beautiful, strong and resilient children in treatment face every single day.

storytime with bryce

Thanks to the amazing teams at Coud b and the MaxLove Project, we now know the story of how a turtle named Max became Super Max the Turtle. Bryce is excited to share the story with you today. We hope you and your little superhero enjoy it!

We hope that all of the little superheroes out there who are listening will have fun thinking up what each of their Super Max the Turtle's colours represents for them. As the team at Cloud b shares at the end of the book, "We encourage caregivers to help children develop stories for each of the turtle's light colors. How does blue make you feel? What powers does green have for you? The real Super Max created his own meaning for each of the different colors. Amber stars warm him up when he's feeling cold, blue stars calm him down when he's anxious, and green stars have the power to heal ouchies." (2015, p.19). With love and turtle rainbow star filled hugs from everyone at the Super Max & Bryce team

what people say

Dear Bryce and Family, Wow...what an amazing child you are. You truly are a huge inspiration. We are lost for words. We received our Super Max and Bryce night light not long after our son Jackson (Age 4) was diagnosed with Leukaemia earlier this year. To see the huge smile on his face was priceless and very uplifting. Max comes everywhere with us and is always there to keep Jackson safe and give him the courage he needs. No words will ever cover how special you are and how a special nightlight turtle called Max, can help take the fear and unknown out of children who spend an incredible amount of time in unfamiliar places/hospitals.

Laura, supermum to superhero Jackson

We just received a glowing little friend into our lives, offering us light, happiness & giggles for the first time in weeks. Thank you - it truly is magical! This has made Zoë so happy - she is three years old & has leukaemia. It’s tough, but these little gifts really light up our world. Thank again - to Bryce and everyone involved in the Super Max & Bryce project for thinking of us during these difficult times. We are forever grateful.

Charlotte, supermum to superhero Zoë

This is Oscar, aged 3 and diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia a few weeks ago. He received his Super Max turtle today, and in his words, ‘this is a great surprise!’ He is very excited because his brothers name is Max, he misses him so much whilst he is in hospital. So thank you so much for Oscar’s turtle, it has definitely brightened up his day! Love from both of us.

Kelly, supermum to superhero Oscar

I wanted to contact you to say thank you for such a wonderful program. My son adores his new Super Max the turtle. I’m sending through a picture of my Hamish with his turtle on the same day he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia - just two days ago. That same night we turned off all the lights in our hospital room, and watched the stars and had a big cuddle while he fell asleep and it was one of the most precious moments of my life. I am feeling overwhelmed by the generosity of so many companies and charities support but especially yours. Hamish is ecstatic that turtle has green lights, his favourite colour. Thank you again for the most precious gift we will treasure forever. xx

Tanya, supermum to superhero Hamish

Firstly thanks for making Super Max available. My daughter Thrisha absolutely loves it. Attached is a picture of Thrisha with Super Max...her big smile says it all! Thrisha is 3 years old and has been diagnosed with ALL. All the best to yourself, Bryce and the team that is making this possible and sharing the love.

Iyngaran and Suja, superparents to superhero Thrisha

My sons name is Disas; he turned 4 last month. He was diagnosed with ALL (leukemia) four months ago. Thank you very much for the thought and the effort to make a sick child like mine happy. He was about to get a chemo and was in the hospital when the social worker gave the turtle to him. He was so happy. I am sure it will be his next best friend. And thank you for your reply to us. I really didn't expect a reply. When I was reading it I couldn't even read the end part of the email because I was tearing up. We now feel we are not the only people that are fighting this battle. Some times, especially in the hard times it is an inspiration. Please keep on doing what you are doing. Thank you very much for giving parents like us some hope and happiness. xoxo

Amali, supermum to superhero Disas

This is my 8 year old son Connor. Thank you so much to Max and Bryce and everyone involved in the super max campaign. Connor loves his turtle, yet to be named! Connor had a brain tumour removed, it was a medullablastoma. The tumour was completely resected and he has finished radiation and is 2 rounds of chemo down with 2 to go. This turtle means more than you will ever know...

Jade, supermum to superhero Connor

I just wanted to send you an email to say thank you so much for visiting
Auckland's Starship Hospital. DJ loves his turtle light and has it on every night. It is such a special
gift to give, as well as my beautiful scarf. It was so nice to meet you all and you will forever be in our hearts. Bryce what an amazing young man you are!!! DJ was diagnosed with leukaemia in October 2016 and one and a half years through his treatment, he relapsed. So we are starting over again and it is people like you who make our journey that much more bearable. So, once again thank you from our hearts to yours. xx

Megan, supermum to superhero DJ

Hello Super Max and Bryce Team, Thank you very much for the gift of a Super Max the Turtle. We were quite overwhelmed and very grateful to be given it near the end of a long day of chemo for Jonty yesterday. He couldn’t wait for the evening and to try out his turtle. This is such a generous and thoughtful gift which brought very special smiles to Jonty.

Jules, supermum to superhero Jonty

Dear Amy, Bryce and Turtle (sister), It was really lovely to meet you. We would like to thank everyone involved with this thoughtful and gorgeous gift. Amy thank you for the hug as it does make a difference. We both know you have to have hope, love and laughter to get through a cancer diagnosis. It’s been a few weeks now with our magical Super Max the Turtle and Ana absolutely loves him. She turns him on every night at bed time, she loves the stars and colours. It is everything you say it is. Every night I also think of you as i have been meaning to let you know! We all cherish our gifts from you. xoxo

Mary, supermum to superhero Ana

Lara loves her turtle night light. Thank you so much! What a wonderful project. Thank you and well done to Bryce! You have brought joy and love to many children. Lara (and her brothers) love their super max light! xoxo

Alison, supermum to superhero Lara

Hello Amy. It was really nice to meet your lovely family. You are doing such an amazing thing! We wish you all the best on your travels and thanks a million for bringing smiles to our boy!

Glenn, superdad to superhero Mason