September 19, 2017

Amazing donation from Annabel Trends team

When we told our friends at Annabel Trends ( what we’re doing over the next two weeks on our journey around Australia, they wanted to help us share some love, hope, happiness and comfort with the supermums and superdads who spend the long hard days, weeks and months in the hospitals with their beautiful superkids. To do this, they donated 150 of their gorgeous scarves for the mums and 72 pairs of their trendy comfy socks for the dads so we can give something to the parents and carers we meet in the hospital wards during our travels.

This Annabel Trends donation may have an overwhelmingly generous value of $4,900.00 in dollar terms but it is priceless in terms of the love that it brings with it.

Our hearts are bursting with gratitude and warmth. Here are pictures of Mariel and Amy with some of the scarves (aren’t they gorgeous?) and the socks (we love them!). There are also two pictures of the team at Annabel Trends so you can see the faces of the incredibly kind and supportive people there. The second picture is of Buzz and Sally, the two people who made this donation possible, holding the thank you cupcakes and sugar-free protein balls we made them as a small gesture of thanks. We love you Annabel Trends team! Thank you for all of the love you’re helping us to share with others. …