September 20, 2017

Super Max & Bryce website launched thanks to the amazing team at Thrive Web Design!

Thanks to the amazing team at Thrive Web Design ( right here in Burleigh Heads we have a totally awesome website!!!!!! If you’re reading this then you’ve seen our website. We hope you LOVE it as much as we do! At Thrive they say that they “put the funky in functional by creating fresh, striking, custom-designed websites that are easy to use” and we couldn’t agree more. We love the team at Thrive Web Design… not just because their organisation has the same name as one of the MaxLove Project’s key goals (to help children with cancer and their families to THRIVE), or even because they did all of this incredible work for us for free because they believe in our mission and wanted to support us (it would have cost us $5,000.00 for this awesome website build) but mostly because they are incredibly talented people who love what they do.

We think they are the best web design team in the world!

Please do explore the website, look at the pictures, read the testimonials in the “what people say” section, catch up on our news, watch Bryce’s videos and have fun. We can’t thank the Thrive Web Design team enough for creating a platform for us to share this wonderful project and all of the people associated with it, from the beautiful superheroes and their families to all of you who continue to do so much to support us, with the world. It’s definitely time to get our THRIVE on!!!! Thank you Thrive Web Design team (and a big smoochy kiss and giant cuddle for you Dean and Sam -you two rock!)!!!!!