September 1, 2019

The Dylan Decision

Meet superhero Dylan. He is the person behind the “Dylan Decision” that we’re kicking off this year. This is our decision to give hospitals extra star-covered and love-filled Super Max & Bryce socks for any teenagers in treatment who may not want a turtle night light but who do want to be connected to all of us through the stars (and receive all of the love that we’re sending them every day).



We have known and loved Dylan and his superfamily since December 2016 when he received his Super Max the Turtle. Here is what Dylan’s beautiful supermum Michelle (who runs an extremely informative childhood cancer awareness site on Facebook called @the_other_c_word) recently shared with us about our project as a way to say thank you to everyone who supports what we do: “If I only had one word to describe how the socks, scarves and turtles make us feel it would be CONNECTED. Going through a child cancer experience is excruciatingly isolating, and the turtle night light, these socks, these scarves are there as a constant reminder that you are not alone, there are others in this with you, there’s this whole other community of people who are supporting you… every step of the way, because it’s not an experience that ever really ends. It’s comforting to have a familiar go to pair of lucky socks (Dylan always wears the socks and I always wear the scarf) every time you have an appointment or procedure…it’s like carrying a bit of hope with you. I adore the new designs, the intimacy of the scarf, knowing how interwoven a cancer journey is and how the whole family is impacted, the courage and love, this is so very much reflected in this scarf. And the socks, oh my goodness ….. having happiness on your soles is just perfect because they definitely give happiness of the soul. You cannot possibly see these socks and not be filled with joy and comfort. Of course the little bright turtle, it’s history, it’s meaning, it’s message, the thoughtfulness and kindness around it is just so very meaningful. It’s really a ray of light in a dark journey. With so much gratitude and love to those who support this project.”

Although we know Dylan still loves his turtle and sleeps with it whenever he feels like he needs extra love (which we hope all teenagers will do also), we also know that some teenagers may only want love through the stars on their socks. Sending love through the sole to the soul. That’s what this project is all about – spreading love and connectedness. A big “thank you” to everyone reading this for being a part of our very special Super Max & Bryce family and sharing so much comfort and love with others.

The Dylan Decision is in effect as of today... yay!