December 4, 2021

Bryce awarded Volunteering Gold Coast’s 2021 Youth Volunteer of the Year

Bryce is genuinely overwhelmed at this generous honour. After the awards dinner, during which Bryce was able to meet so many passionate and hard-working Gold Coast volunteers, he shared “There are so many amazing people doing incredible things in the community; it is truly inspirational to hear about their work and to meet them in person.”


A huge thank you from Bryce to everyone who has supported him to help grow the Super Max & Bryce project; this award is for all of us. Another thank you to the fantastic people at @volunteeringgc who do so much to recognise and celebrate the work of volunteers in our community. This award, just like everything we do, is dedicated to all of the superheroes and superfamilies in the world. With gratitude and love through the stars.