May 2, 2019

Socks. Blown. Off. Second Annual Crazy Sock Day at St Andrews is a huge success!

The 2019 Crazy Sock Day at Bryce’s school, St Andrews, was a massive success! The entire school participated including students, teachers and administrators. There were socks with bows, buttons and eyes; socks taped on legs, hanging from hair, on arms and some with holes; socks with mermaid wings, others with rainbows, a few with turtles; and then there were the Super Max & Bryce socks popping up all over the school.

This super fun school event raised $950 in gold coin donations and another $971 in bake sale monies. These funds will allow us to purchase another 96 Super Max the Turtles for superheroes in treatment this year. Whoop whoop!

A HUGE crazy Sock inspired “thank you” to everyone who donated, wore crazy socks, baked, purchased something and is a part of this beautiful school community. We are so grateful to have you as part of our Super Max & Bryce family