April 10, 2018

Channel 7’s coverage of Bryce in the Queen’s Baton Relay

Here is a video, thanks to Channel 7’s live coverage of the event, of Bryce receiving, carrying and handing off the Queen’s baton.

The runners you see behind Bryce for part of his 200m segment are three athletes from Anguilla, where St Andrews has a sister school that they have worked hard to support following the devastating hurricane Irma in September 2017. We were happy they could join Bryce and are grateful for their support at the event.

Students, staff and family members of the St Andrews community – the beautiful people who nominated Bryce for this incredible experience – were there to cheer Bryce on throughout his run and to celebrate with him afterwards. In fact, there was a whole group of students who ran alongside him on the side of the road the entire way!

It was a truly magical day full of family and community support. We will remember and treasure it forever.

Thank you to everyone who made today possible. We felt the love from all of the beautiful superhero families throughout Australia, the St Andrews students, staff and families and the entire Gold Coast community. What a way to kick off the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games!